Cranberry Chutney

This cranberry chutney was developed with the help of my dear friend and talented chef, Jocelyn Goldsmith, who passed three years ago. She used to do a take on traditional Thanksgiving dinner using Indian spices, and this chutney was a replacement for traditional cranberry sauce. It is made with fresh, uncooked cranberries, as well as dried cranberries, and it is bold, refreshing, and delicious. It pairs beautifully with a traditional turkey dinner, but it also goes well with grilled or roasted chicken or pork.

Use this recipe as a guideline; if you use a little more or a little less of the different ingredients it will still be fabulous. You may like to leave it chunky or make it smoother—that is only a matter of how long you leave it in the food processor. You can improvise using other fruits or a variety of dried fruits. The important thing is to balance the acidity and sweetness, so stick with our ratio of oranges, lemon, and sugar. Have fun with this and, over time, you can make this your own recipe. It is scrumptious almost immediately after it is made, but it will keep well for many days in the refrigerator.